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CMHA Secures $8 Million in Grants to Expand Community Behavioral Health Services

Community Mental Health Affiliates (CMHA) has been granted two Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) grants by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). These grants, each totaling $1 million annually for four years, are poised to transform and enhance the delivery of comprehensive behavioral health services in Connecticut. CMHA's commitment to expanding its services in New Britain and establishing a new CCBHC in Waterbury reflects a dedication to addressing the mental health needs of the community and eliminating barriers to vital care. CMHA is the only agency in the state to receive TWO CCBHC designations in FY24. 

The Purpose of CCBHCs:
Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) represent a vital component of the mental health landscape, with a primary mission to revolutionize community behavioral health systems. By eradicating obstacles to life-saving care and providing comprehensive, coordinated behavioral health services to all individuals, CCBHCs play a pivotal role in ensuring that communities have access to essential mental health support. CMHA's latest achievements mark a significant stride toward achieving these objectives.

Expanding Services in New Britain:
The first of CMHA's CCBHC grants focuses on the expansion of services in the New Britain service area. This expansion aims to address the evolving needs of the community by introducing several key initiatives:

  • Enhancing Services: The CCBHC will bolster existing services to cater to a broader spectrum of behavioral health needs.
  • Case Management Services for the Arabic Community: Recognizing the diversity within the community, CMHA will provide specialized case management services to the Arabic-speaking population.
  • Older Adult Care Team: With an aging population that has unique behavioral health requirements, CMHA will introduce an Older Adult Care Team to provide targeted support.
  • Connection to Local Hospitals: Similar to the New Britain CCBHC, this new facility will establish strong links with local hospitals, ensuring a seamless transition from inpatient care to ongoing behavioral health services.
  • Child and Family Programming: Addressing the specific needs of children and families remains a core component of CMHA's mission to improve mental health support for all community members

Creating a CCBHC in Waterbury:
The second CCBHC grant is dedicated to establishing a brand-new CCBHC in the Waterbury service area. This initiative aims to address the unique needs of this community:

  • School-Based Behavioral Health Services: The CCBHC grant will facilitate the provision of behavioral health services to children and families within the school setting, making care more accessible and integrated into daily life.
  • Enhancing Support for Veterans: CMHA is committed to improving its services for veterans, ensuring they have the mental health support they need.
  • Connection to Local Hospitals: Streamlining access to care, the CCBHC will establish strong connections with local hospitals, ensuring a smooth transition from hospital care to community-based services.
  • Community Integration Specialists: These specialists will actively engage with the community, fostering awareness about mental health issues and increasing access to care.

CMHA's successful acquisition of two CCBHC grants represents a significant step toward enhancing and expanding community behavioral health services in Connecticut. By addressing the unique needs of the New Britain and Waterbury service areas, CMHA is taking tangible steps to eliminate barriers to essential mental health care and transform the landscape of community behavioral health services. The commitment to comprehensive, coordinated care for all reflects a dedication to the well-being of the community and a promising future for mental health support in Connecticut.



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