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CMHA provides individual, family, and group psychotherapy for those experiencing behavioral, emotional, interpersonal relationship, and/or substance use problems. The counseling program is staffed by licensed marriage and family therapists, social workers, counselors, as well as board-certified psychiatrists and APRN’s.

Extended Day Treatment Program (EDT/SHINE)
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SHINE is an afterschool program for children age 5-17 who may have difficulty stabilizing at lower levels of care. The program provides several therapeutic services, including comprehensive case management with the child's school, as well as therapy for individuals, family, and groups. Participants of SHINE attend the program 2- 5 days a week, operating around their school system's calendar, for up to six (6) months. SHINE's approach involves the child and caregiver in formulating treatment goals and therapeutic solutions. The program also provides medication management, parent education and training, comprehensive behavior modification, and life skills training. 

Intensive Family Preservation (IFP)
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Intensive Family Preservation (IFP) provides in-depth, at-home family support and parent counseling on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week basis for families at risk of having children removed, or whose children have returned from out-of-home placement. A range of clinical and holistic services are provided, including parenting education, advocacy, counseling, crisis intervention, life management, and life-skill building. Reunification services are designed to stabilize and support the whole family.

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

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MDFT is an innovative and evidence-based, family-driven substance abuse program for adolescents and their families. MDFT is recognized as one of the most promising interventions for substance abuse, working with families directly in their home, school, and community in order to consider all components of an adolescent’s life so as to promote positive, long-term change. Services include: family therapy, individual therapy with parents, consultation with schools, court and/or DCF coordination, substance abuse assessment, medication management, and integrated case management.

Parenting Support Services (PSS)
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Parenting Support Services (PSS) is an in-home, evidence-based program that helps parents manage their child’s behavior and become independent, resourceful problem solvers. Caregivers are given tools to create a safe home learning environment that will help develop and nurture their child’s behavioral, emotional, and cognitive strengths. PSS builds upon the conviction that a positive home can be preserved by increasing positive parent-child interaction.

Reunification & Therapeutic Family Time (RTFT)
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This intensive, home-based program works to return children who are residing with resource/foster families to their biological families through a permanency plan. RTFT is designed for families with children ages birth to 17 who have been removed from the home due to protective service concerns including abuse and neglect, parental substance abuse, family violence, mental health concerns, or limited parenting ability. RTFT assists children and their families in reestablishing and maintaining relationships that are healthy and safe.



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