The Peter Sutton* of today is far from the individual he once was.  Peter spent many years in the community undiagnosed, un-medicated, and a danger to himself and others. Today, through the treatment and support he has received at CMHA’s Intensive Assertive Community Treatment Team (IACTT), Peter is thriving.  He has made significant strides and continues to exceed expectations of staff and himself.


Prior to living at IACTT, Peter lived on his own in the community with the help of his family.  He was grossly overweight, had poor ADL skills, was consorting with drug addicts, and was inviting homeless strangers to live with him.  Although his family was concerned for his safety and well-being, they eventually gave up on Peter because they did not know how to deal with his erratic and unsavory behavior.  Peter was referred to the respite program at IACTT and then became an IACTT resident.

Through the treatment Peter has received at CMHA, he has been able to reconnect with his family, who are amazed and appreciative of the progress Peter has made. Peter also got to spend time with and get to know his father before his father’s death last year.  He is frequently in contact with his mother and sister and visits with them on the holidays.

With persistence and the help of IACTT staff, Peter has greatly improved his social skills, is employed, and has lost a significant amount of weight.  He is personable, easy-going, and friends with all of his peers at IACTT. Peter exhibits a desire and willingness to continue growing and improving, he is invested in his treatment, and he is truly a success.  

*name changed to protect privacy

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