Collecting Seeds for Michaela's Garden

Beautiful Duo SMALLERBack in early June, CMHA staff and members of The Petit Family Foundation planted a new Michaela's Garden at our 233 Main Street headquarters. Throughout July and August, the once-tiny seedlings grew well-beyond anyone's expectations.

"We are just so pleased at how amazing the Four O' Clocks are doing there! With the heat and dry weather that we have had, it has taken a toll on some of the other garden locations," says Kimberly M. Petit of The Petit Family Foundation.

The first Children’s State Flower in the United States, Michaela’s Four O’clock flowers have helped encourage families and youth to become more involved in community service through gardening.

As Summer winds down, the blooms are starting to reveal tiny black seeds - the start of next years' Michaela's Garden at 233 Main Street! However, as we begin to collect the seeds, we know we unfortunately can't keep them all to ourselves. To fund education programs and uphold their mission, The Petit Family Foundation sells packets of the seeds collected from each Michaela’s Garden (purchase them here).

To learn more about The Petit Family Foundation or Michaela’s Garden Project, and how you can help support their missions, please visit or their Social Media pages: @PetitFamilyFoundation @MichaelasGarden 


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