CMHA: Integral Part of Downtown

Although it has been nearly two years since CMHA moved into 233 Main Street in Downtown New Britain, our work on behalf of the community is far from finished.ray gorman 2017
"Our presence has been a really positive impact for a number of people: the city, local merchants, and certainly us," said Gorman.
“We are firm believers that [mental health organizations] must be visible in the community so that you can begin to erase the notion that mental health patients have some kind of defect."
Since moving in, CMHA has participated in and sponsored a variety of events, including Pride Week, the Black History Month Celebration series5k runs, as well as other community-oriented awareness and activism events.
Despite everything we've already accomplished, CMHA aims to do more. As Gorman states in the article: "We want to be an integral part of the downtown revival."

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