CMHA's Monumental Shift to Telehealth During Covid-19

white paper coverCMHA is proud to share our recent white paper on the agency's rapid transition to Telehealth.
View/download a PDF here. 

CMHA’s swift transition to Telehealth services has already had a profound and lasting impact for individuals in need of behavioral health care in the wake of Covid-19.

The agency has kept high risk, vulnerable clients safe and ensured that those receiving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction did not suffer from a lapse in life-saving therapy. In addition, new clients in need of treatment for increased anxiety, depression and stress due to the pandemic are now able to receive same-day scheduling for appointments.

Outcomes from the first month of CMHA’s Telehealth implementation have been remarkable, showing a 24% increase in kept appointments and an 87% client retention rate, with over 2,000 people served. Indeed, patient care is stronger than ever, with staff adjusting admirably and clients appreciating the agency’s commitment to high-quality and reliable care in an uncertain world.





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