New Britain: Abuzz with Activity

Recent weeks saw New Britain abuzz with activity as several long running, Bee-themed projects across the city came to a close.

Mayor Stewart with the BEE edited

For many months New Britain has been in the process of rolling out a total of 25 Bees for the "Bees Across New Britain" art installation and collaboration with the Greater New Britain Art Alliance. Businesses, families, and institutions of New Britain were all eager to sponsor a bee, and CMHA was no exception!

On September 18, CMHA staff swarmed Central Park to enjoy in the official unveiling of the remaining bees, including our own BEEhavioral Health Bee. Just like CMHA, our bee stood out from the crowd thanks to the efforts of Artist Jennifer Oliveira-Florio. While other artists painted their bee, Jennifer used tiles to complete an intricate mosaic representative of Recovery and the many paths people may take.                     

The very next day, right on the heels of meeting our BEEhavioral Health Bee in Central Park, was the long-awaited unveiling of New Britain's Beehive Bridge.

Even though CMHA already enjoys an excellent view of the bridge from 233 Main, staff were happy to walk over for the event. It was a wonderful evening of meeting and engaging with people who are truly invested in improving and beautifying their community - a great event!

The Plaza oversees all


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