Survey Says: More than Satisfied

Every year, all CMHA programs receiving funding from the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) have clients voluntarily complete an extensive questionnaire to measure satisfaction across seven domains: Access, General Satisfaction, Outcome, Participation in Treatment, Quality, Recovery, and Respect.

Satisfaction Averages Weighlifter image

This year, CMHA collected nearly 1,000 surveys from clients, the highest amount we've ever had, but what's more exciting are the results. DMHAS holds 80% satisfaction to be the minimum standard across all seven domains. In 2019, CMHA did not just meet the minimum standard, we exceeded it across every domain, a first in CMHA history. In five of the seven domains, CMHA scored greater than 90% satisfied, a truly impressive commentary on the quality of our services.

"I know we do good work here at CMHA," said Dr. Heather Paluso, Director of Outcomes & Compliance, "and it's great to see it reflected back through these surveys, to see that clients really do recognize strides in their recovery."

The greatest increases, compared to last years' survey results, were seen in the Recovery and Outcome domains where more than 82% of clients surveyed deemed their experiences satisfactory. Compared to 2018, CMHA had an exciting overall increase of 10% across all measured categories.

"I feel like staff should be recognized for the work they're doing - amazing work that is appreciated by the clients," said Lisa Daley, Performance Improvement Coordinator. "The feedback reinforces that the agency is providing great, quality care and making real differences in peoples' lives."

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