CMHA Purchases 233 Main Street in Downtown New Britain


BoardMayorThe former ACMAT Plaza at 233 Main Street will soon be home to CMHA administration and many programs, bringing more than 200 jobs downtown, creating easier access to services, and making additional meeting space and resources available for use by the community.

Mayor Erin Stewart joined other CMHA board members and staff and leadership in a tour of 233 Main St. today, just after CMHA formally took ownership of the building.

This is a watershed moment for CMHA,said President/CEO Raymond Gorman. “We are consolidating programs under one roof, we are making services more accessible to the people we serve, cementing our commitment to the city, and bringing dozens of people every day into the heart of the city.


“This move will have an immense and positive impact on the city,” added Mayor Stewart. “Having CMHA downtown will help us with everything we’re trying to do. All these people working here every day will continue the revitalization of downtown and help our businesses.

“Mental health continues to have a stigma, which we have to fight,” Stewart said. “CMHA and this move continue to help with that, even as they help residents in our community who need it.”

Renovation and additional build-out will be needed throughout the building, which will begin immediately and continue into 2019. Two major outpatient behavioral health clinics and agency administration are set to move there in late 2018, and CMHA’s young adult outpatient site will follow in 2019. Renovations will allow CMHA to create specialized facilities to meet client and program needs. The agency is also working to offer Social Security benefits intake for special populations, and to add additional services, such as primary health care and wellness groups, as part of its programming to clients.

The 233 Main Street building has seven floors. Social Security Administration and CT State Worker’s Compensation each occupy one floor; when CMHA moves in all programs in 2019, the building will be fully occupied for the first time in a decade. CMHA plans to collaborate with local businesses to develop retail space on the first floor to contribute to downtown New Britain’s economic resurgence.

CMHA has been a significant local employer in New Britain for 40 years, serving more than 6,000 clients each year and purchasing millions of dollars’ worth of local goods and services from central Connecticut vendors. Now CMHA joins the revitalization of downtown New Britain into a transit-oriented hub of commerce, transforming 233 Main Street into a state-of-the-art integrated behavioral health facility providing recovery and wellness care to individuals throughout their lives.

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