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CMHA's Annual Meeting: A Year Like No Other

Despite facing never-before-seen challenges, this years' Annual Meeting at CMHA was a literal - and virtual - success.

While most people joined CMHA from their home or office screens, we did have a few guests and employees in various, socially-distanced 'watch party' rooms throughout 233 Main Street in New Britain.

Several friends and community partners sent in 'shout outs' to be played during the meeting to express their appreciation and admiration for CMHA's staff, including: State Senator Gennaro Bizzarro, New Britain PRIDE Chair John Board, Friendship Service Center Board President Sharon Chamberlain, and American Savings Foundation President & CEO Maria A. Falvo.

After hearing from our friends and supporters, everyone watching the Annual Meeting was treated to a wonderful video highlighting the great achievements of the agency over the past year as told by CMHA staff and supporters. Produced with Ehardt Media, the video encapsulates what makes our agency special - the people who prove themselves to be More Than Heroes every day.

Another highlight of the evening was the announcement of the 2020 Chairman's Award. Board Chair Todd DeGroff announced, "The list of those who’ve gone above and beyond goes on and on. We are so very proud of all of you, and of what you have accomplished together. And that’s why the 2020 Chairman’s Award goes to ALL OF YOU."

Every CMHA employee is more than deserving of this award, as they've proven themselves to be More Than Heroes time and time again. CMHA is thrilled to be able to show our appreciation with a $50 gift card to every CMHA employee in recognition of all they've accomplished..

Overall, this was nothing if not an unpredictable year, to say the least. Like every organization, we were confronted with the most extraordinary challenges in taking on this pandemic. Unlike any other organization though, CMHA rose to the challenge and achieved spectacular results. To learn more about how we did it, for the reasons are too many to put here, please read this years' Annual Report


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A Time for Family, Friends, and CMHA

Whether it was across the table from your close family or across the country via FaceTime, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
Before they celebrated, CMHA's staff were hard at work bringing some cheer, food, and warmth to our clients in need. Thanks to donations made by Smirna Misionera, our Family-Based Recovery (FBR) team in Waterbury was able to deliver turkeys and much-needed food supplies to the families we serve.
Below, the team poses in front of their Gratitude Tree - where staff or clients can 'leaf' a note about what they're thankful for in their lives.
In New Britain, CMHA's COPE and Housing teams, thanks to a generous donation from a staff member, were able to purchase nearly a dozen turkeys, assorted sides, and even pies for their families in need!
Many CMHA program staff stepped up to the plate by individually securing donations from local groups, family, friends, and businesses. The Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) program expanded its tradition this year and helped provide meals to all of CMHA's intensive programs, with many staff volunteering to make side dishes.
Additionally, thanks to a collaboration with Nicole Rodriguez of KIEDC (Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation), CMHA's staff were able to collect and distribute over 100 meal boxes for our families in need the day before Thanksgiving.
Thank you to all staff who made the time to volunteer for the meal distribution or collect on behalf of the people you serve - CMHA makes a difference in our communities because of you!

Annual Meeting 2019: We Are Community (2)

October was certainly a busy month in terms of events, and the biggest of all was our Annual Meeting at the Team Time Social Club. Looking back, CMHA has slightly flown under the radar for years, providing the highest quality treatment services, but without the same recognition or fanfare as our counterparts. This year marked a turning point: care is integrated, sites are consolidated, and we're known across the community as the provider of choice.

Over the past year alone, CMHA has completed three major property acquisition and renovation projects: relocating the Waterbury Outpatient Clinic to a larger, more accessible location, purchasing and renovating 233 Main Street in downtown New Britain to house over 40 programs and 200 staff, as well as finishing the state-of-the-art Team Time Social Club on Russell Street in New Britain.

Throughout all the moves and challenges, staff continued to show why CMHA is special. CMHA provides more than just treatment - we deliver individualized, compassionate, world class care.

This year's Chairman's Award recipients, the Team Time Social Club staff (below) and Clinical Director Ann Lavoie, embody those features of CMHA. Our commitment to excellence brought us to where we are today, and it will take us into the future as well. Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Meeting; we look forward to what we can accomplish next year together.

small Chairmans Award 2019

Helping our Students & Families

CMHA is currently working with the Consolidated School District of New Britain on a pilot program that will provide elementary school-level counseling services to students and families in need. It's just one of our many collaborations to benefit our community's children and families.

In late 2020, CMHA received an award from the Fund for Greater Hartford to partner with Opportunities Industrialization Center of New Britain (OIC) and help reduce behavioral health problems among students during the 2020-21 school year. CMHA has also provided training programs for the Waterbury Public Schools and is currently preparing training for the Connecticut Association of Administrators of Health and Physical Education (CAAHPE).

All of these initiatives focus on social-emotional learning, which includes responsible decision-making, goal setting, and maintaining healthy relationships. CMHA recognizes that positive change, like Recovery, is a team effort.

"We know that when supporting our children, the parent's role is so incredibly important," explains CMHA Clinical Director Christopher Marino, LPC. "We could not do this work without you!"

CMHA is proud to be able to provide services for the children and families of our New Britain and Waterbury communities. Parents and Guardians - if your kids need additional support, we are here for you and your entire family.

To learn more about our child and family services, please call 860.224.8192 or visit our website.





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