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A Picnic in July for TYP

A Picnic in July for TYP

TYP Picnic in JulyWhat a great day for a picnic!

"The TYP Picnic and BBQ idea came about as we were trying to figure out what we could do to celebrate the 4th of July as a program," said Ajah Homer, Recovery Specialist for the Transitional Youth Program at CMHA.

 TYP staff thought the event would be a great way to build rapport with clients as well as get them involved in choosing program activities that could be enjoyed by all. Once word got around about the event,  the TYP Team invited staff from other programs to be part of the event.

"We were very happy to be able to speak with our clients about the event and get their full input," explained Ajah. "They selected what food they wanted to have served, what games and activities they'd be interested in playing, and really got to make this event what they wanted it to be."

CMHA staff members, from TYP and other programs, contributed food and supplies for the BBQ to really make it a special event. Residential Monitor Travone Franklin even made a surprise appearance with his Ice Cream Dream truck!

"Everyone had a great time! We saw many of our clients open up and mingle with one another, and everyone left with a smile on their face. Overall, with it being such a success, we've decided to repeat this event annually!"

Thank you to everyone who participated and made the event possible, our clients greatly appreciate you!

TYP Picnic in July Grace Alyssa Susan and Ann

June Staff Spotlight!

June Staff Spotlight!



Staff Spotlights 2021 2


Michele Santos & Helen St. Germain, Clinicians

An important part of our work is building connections in the communities we serve. It is clear that Helen St. Germain and Michele Santos have maintained strong relationships with Northwest region providers despite the changes we've made this past year, as the Nourish & Nurture Food Distribution they organized for the Torrington community was a great success! Thank you Michele & Helen for your years of dedication and unwavering passion for the people we serve! 


Donna Woodard, Clinician for YAS

Donna Woodard is the primary clinician for Young Adult clients in CMHA's Ability Beyond group homes, and she is what we would consider the heart of our intensives programs. The amount of care and compassion she shows her clients on a daily basis is remarkable and she has gone above and beyond in assisting with client transitions from program to program. Thank you, Donna - your strength and kindness is inspiring and so valued throughout the YA programs!


Niralee Patel, Clinician

Niralee Patel is a pillar of the CT Stay Strong (YAS OP) team. Since piloting the CTSS program, Niralee has been an integral part of the team! Her strong clinical sense, professional composure, and inherent leadership skills have helped her step up and fill multiple roles at times when the program was short staffed. Thank you, Niralee - your commitment and ability to advocate for and empower clients is an invaluable asset to the intensive programs!




A Rising Star at CMHA

A Rising Star at CMHA

Czes_and_Rollin_Schuster_.jpgCMHA is proud to announce that Czeslaw 'Czes' Dzierlatka, Lead Peer Navigator is the 2022 recipient of the TANGO Rising Star Scholarship Award! As part of Nonprofit Night at the Hartford Yard Goats Stadium on May 12, Czes stood on the field with his close friends and colleagues there to support him as he received his award.
Rollin Schuster, Founder of TANGO (The Alliance for Nonprofit Growth and Opportunity) presented Czes with his award, and thanked him for his continued work in the behavioral health and human services field, and all those whose lives he has positively impacted.
Nominated for his exceptional dedication to the agency's mission and those we serve in our community, Czes is certainly deserving of this award and the educational opportunities it will provide. Congratulations again on your Rising Star Award, Czes - and thank you for being you!
Czes Tanya and Molly
May Staff Spotlight!

May Staff Spotlight!



Staff Spotlights 2021 3



Amanda Kendrick, Recovery Specialist

Meeting our clients 'where they're at' means something different for every individual that comes through our doors. Amanda goes above and beyond for her clients, addressing their unique, individual needs however she can in order to set them up for success on their path to Recovery. Amanda is always doing the best she can for our clients, earning herself the title "warrior" from her nominator, because she's always fighting to help our clients. Thank you, Amanda!


Patricia Carmichael, Rehabilitation Counselor

Known and celebrated by clients and staff for her wonderful cooking, 'Miss Pat' should also be celebrated for her role in "A Night to Remember", the first-ever Social Club Spring Gala! A Social Club staff member of almost 9 years, Pat knew many clients had never been to Prom, and advocated for them to have that special experience. From all the Team Time members and staff: Thank you, Miss Pat for dreaming!


Rob Skrzypek, Recovery Specialist

'Doing whatever it takes' is a common phrase at CMHA, and very often what it takes is a great team - regardless of the program. IMPACT team member Rob has been putting in a lot of extra effort and time to help two clients from other programs who are monolingual Polish-Speaking. He's spent a great deal of time with each to help make sure their needs are met. For all you do to help our clients: Thank you Rob!




Planting the Seeds of Change

Planting the Seeds of Change

PFF and MPG with Kim May 2022The Petit Family Foundation *PFF) returned to CMHA's 233 Main Street Headquarters to plant four o'clocks as part of Michaela's Garden Project.
"This is the third season that they've planted the garden," said Kim Petit, Office Assistant with the Foundation. The flowers come from the seeds of the garden of the late Michaela Petit. The Petit Family Foundation sells the seeds in her memory, using the proceeds to further the Foundation’s mission to help educate young people, especially young women in the sciences, support those with chronic illnesses, and help to protect those affected by violence.
The bright, multi-colored blooms will soon greet all who come to 233 Main Street, and CMHA looks forward to continuing this beautiful initiative. Read more in The Bristol Press here.
Right: CMHA President & CEO Raymond J. Gorman with Kim Petit and Bill Petit of the Petit Family Foundation in 2022.
Below: CMHA staff join the Petit Family Foundation to officially designate CMHA's 233 Main Street gardens as a Michaela's Garden, 2021.
CMHA and PFF in Michaelas Garden 2021



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