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Beating the Heat with a Block Party

Beating the Heat with a Block Party

Waterbury Ambassadors at Block PartyCMHA's Waterbury Ambassadors were excited to participate in the annual community Block Party organized by the Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterburyand the City of Waterbury's Bureau of Recreation Services.
CMHA Ambassadors had a great time engaging with fellow providers and community members while discussing our Waterbury-based programs for children, families, and adults. Our Ambassadors enjoyed great live music provided by Tambor y Canto and had some fun in the nearby Splash Pad, which was a perfect way to beat the heat!
To learn more about CMHA's Waterbury-based programs, like Parenting Support Services and the Extended Day Treatment Program, visit!
Child Health & Development Institute Recognizes CMHA

Child Health & Development Institute Recognizes CMHA

CHDI Logo 1Each and every day CMHA's staff provide the individualized, person-centered treatment that our clients need and deserve - but it's not every day they are recognized by an external agency for their great work!
CMHA is proud to announce that the Child Health & Development Institute of Connecticut has recognized our MATCH-ADTC clinicians for their exceptional levels of engagement and commitment to the fidelity of the model.
CMHA's MATCH-ADTC team’s hard work resulted in their having the highest rate of completion across the State network for the Clinical Global Impressions (CGI) Severity Scale as well as the CGI Improvement Scale..
On behalf of all the individuals you've helped - Congratulations and Thank You to all the MATCH-ADTC Clinicians: Amanda Ferrari, Helen St. Germain, Anna Lee, Haley McDonald, Kimberly Sullivan, Diego Peralta, Maritza Rios-Colon, and Elizabeth Sesto!
July 2022 Staff Spotlight!

July 2022 Staff Spotlight!



Staff Spotlights 2021 2


The MATCH-ADTC Clinicians

For attaining the highest completion rate of the Clinical Global Impressions (CGI) Severity Scale and Improvement Scale among our statewide network, the MATCH-ADTC Team has been recognized by the Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI)! Congratulations and Thank You to Amanda Ferrari, Helen St. Germain, Anna Lee, Haley McDonald, Kimberly Sullivan, Diego Peralta, Maritza Rios-Colon, and Elizabeth Sesto for your hard work and commitment to the fidelity of the MATCH-ADTC model!


Malgorzata Karas-Golka, Behavioral Health Counselor

CMHA strives to provide the best services possible, including culturally and linguistically appropriate ones for people across the diverse communities we serve. Polish-speaking Behavioral Health Counselor Malgorzata Karas-Golka has been an outstanding addition to the AOP Team. She provides support to our local Polish community, has worked with staff to better improve our ability to serve clients, and frequently assists with session and assessment translations. Dziękuję Ci za ciężką prace!


A Picnic in July for TYP

A Picnic in July for TYP

TYP Picnic in JulyWhat a great day for a picnic!

"The TYP Picnic and BBQ idea came about as we were trying to figure out what we could do to celebrate the 4th of July as a program," said Ajah Homer, Recovery Specialist for the Transitional Youth Program at CMHA.

 TYP staff thought the event would be a great way to build rapport with clients as well as get them involved in choosing program activities that could be enjoyed by all. Once word got around about the event,  the TYP Team invited staff from other programs to be part of the event.

"We were very happy to be able to speak with our clients about the event and get their full input," explained Ajah. "They selected what food they wanted to have served, what games and activities they'd be interested in playing, and really got to make this event what they wanted it to be."

CMHA staff members, from TYP and other programs, contributed food and supplies for the BBQ to really make it a special event. Residential Monitor Travone Franklin even made a surprise appearance with his Ice Cream Dream truck!

"Everyone had a great time! We saw many of our clients open up and mingle with one another, and everyone left with a smile on their face. Overall, with it being such a success, we've decided to repeat this event annually!"

Thank you to everyone who participated and made the event possible, our clients greatly appreciate you!

TYP Picnic in July Grace Alyssa Susan and Ann

June Staff Spotlight!

June Staff Spotlight!



Staff Spotlights 2021 2


Michele Santos & Helen St. Germain, Clinicians

An important part of our work is building connections in the communities we serve. It is clear that Helen St. Germain and Michele Santos have maintained strong relationships with Northwest region providers despite the changes we've made this past year, as the Nourish & Nurture Food Distribution they organized for the Torrington community was a great success! Thank you Michele & Helen for your years of dedication and unwavering passion for the people we serve! 


Donna Woodard, Clinician for YAS

Donna Woodard is the primary clinician for Young Adult clients in CMHA's Ability Beyond group homes, and she is what we would consider the heart of our intensives programs. The amount of care and compassion she shows her clients on a daily basis is remarkable and she has gone above and beyond in assisting with client transitions from program to program. Thank you, Donna - your strength and kindness is inspiring and so valued throughout the YA programs!


Niralee Patel, Clinician

Niralee Patel is a pillar of the CT Stay Strong (YAS OP) team. Since piloting the CTSS program, Niralee has been an integral part of the team! Her strong clinical sense, professional composure, and inherent leadership skills have helped her step up and fill multiple roles at times when the program was short staffed. Thank you, Niralee - your commitment and ability to advocate for and empower clients is an invaluable asset to the intensive programs!






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