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CMHA is currently working with the Consolidated School District of New Britain on a pilot program that will provide elementary school-level counseling services to students and families in need. It's just one of our many collaborations to benefit our community's children and families.

In late 2020, CMHA received an award from the Fund for Greater Hartford to partner with Opportunities Industrialization Center of New Britain (OIC) and help reduce behavioral health problems among students during the 2020-21 school year. CMHA has also provided training programs for the Waterbury Public Schools and is currently preparing training for the Connecticut Association of Administrators of Health and Physical Education (CAAHPE).

All of these initiatives focus on social-emotional learning, which includes responsible decision-making, goal setting, and maintaining healthy relationships. CMHA recognizes that positive change, like Recovery, is a team effort.

"We know that when supporting our children, the parent's role is so incredibly important," explains CMHA Clinical Director Christopher Marino, LPC. "We could not do this work without you!"

CMHA is proud to be able to provide services for the children and families of our New Britain and Waterbury communities. Parents and Guardians - if your kids need additional support, we are here for you and your entire family.

To learn more about our child and family services, please call 860.224.8192 or visit our website.



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