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CMHA's Annual Meeting: A Year Like No Other

Despite facing never-before-seen challenges, this years' Annual Meeting at CMHA was a literal - and virtual - success.

While most people joined CMHA from their home or office screens, we did have a few guests and employees in various, socially-distanced 'watch party' rooms throughout 233 Main Street in New Britain.

Several friends and community partners sent in 'shout outs' to be played during the meeting to express their appreciation and admiration for CMHA's staff, including: State Senator Gennaro Bizzarro, New Britain PRIDE Chair John Board, Friendship Service Center Board President Sharon Chamberlain, and American Savings Foundation President & CEO Maria A. Falvo.

After hearing from our friends and supporters, everyone watching the Annual Meeting was treated to a wonderful video highlighting the great achievements of the agency over the past year as told by CMHA staff and supporters. Produced with Ehardt Media, the video encapsulates what makes our agency special - the people who prove themselves to be More Than Heroes every day.

Another highlight of the evening was the announcement of the 2020 Chairman's Award. Board Chair Todd DeGroff announced, "The list of those who’ve gone above and beyond goes on and on. We are so very proud of all of you, and of what you have accomplished together. And that’s why the 2020 Chairman’s Award goes to ALL OF YOU."

Every CMHA employee is more than deserving of this award, as they've proven themselves to be More Than Heroes time and time again. CMHA is thrilled to be able to show our appreciation with a $50 gift card to every CMHA employee in recognition of all they've accomplished..

Overall, this was nothing if not an unpredictable year, to say the least. Like every organization, we were confronted with the most extraordinary challenges in taking on this pandemic. Unlike any other organization though, CMHA rose to the challenge and achieved spectacular results. To learn more about how we did it, for the reasons are too many to put here, please read this years' Annual Report


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