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A Time for Family, Friends, and CMHA

Whether it was across the table from your close family or across the country via FaceTime, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
Before they celebrated, CMHA's staff were hard at work bringing some cheer, food, and warmth to our clients in need. Thanks to donations made by Smirna Misionera, our Family-Based Recovery (FBR) team in Waterbury was able to deliver turkeys and much-needed food supplies to the families we serve.
Below, the team poses in front of their Gratitude Tree - where staff or clients can 'leaf' a note about what they're thankful for in their lives.
In New Britain, CMHA's COPE and Housing teams, thanks to a generous donation from a staff member, were able to purchase nearly a dozen turkeys, assorted sides, and even pies for their families in need!
Many CMHA program staff stepped up to the plate by individually securing donations from local groups, family, friends, and businesses. The Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) program expanded its tradition this year and helped provide meals to all of CMHA's intensive programs, with many staff volunteering to make side dishes.
Additionally, thanks to a collaboration with Nicole Rodriguez of KIEDC (Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation), CMHA's staff were able to collect and distribute over 100 meal boxes for our families in need the day before Thanksgiving.
Thank you to all staff who made the time to volunteer for the meal distribution or collect on behalf of the people you serve - CMHA makes a difference in our communities because of you!

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