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CMHA in the Community: Celebrating the Season

Carols for our Community was planned as a way to help bring some holiday cheer and joy to our community, and it just may be a new tradition!

CMHA was pleased to sponsor the three-part, free-to-all event series, and even hosted the first virtual show at our 233 Main Street headquarters against a backdrop of holiday decorations and Christmas lights.

Hundreds of people tuned into the live performance, expressing their appreciation at having something to look forward to and enjoy at home with their families. This video is still on CMHA's Facebook and is sure to bring a smile to your face if needed!

The second performance took place at The New Britain Downtown District at 66 W. Main Street on December 19th. That live Facebook performance can be found on their page: @NewBritainDowntownDistrict.

The final performance of Carols for our Community was held in conjunction with The Longest Night Vigil in Central Park on December 21st in memory of those lost to homelessness this past year. A moving, solo rendition of Silent Night was sung for the small group holding the vigil and brought to people live through the Friendship Service Center's Facebook page.
CMHA is glad to have helped make this event a success, and we hope to do more, similar events which will help uplift and brighten our community.

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